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Do I need Counselling?

We all have different abilities to cope with personal difficulties, but talking to others usually helps...

People are the way they are largely because of what has gone on for them in the past.

We develop good strategies for coping with life. However, sometimes things happen which then challenge our normal ways of coping and we may feel confused, anxious and depressed. If you recognise any of these experiences outlined below, you might benefit from talking to someone about it in a safe confidential environment

How can counselling help?

It is a good and maybe rare experience to be really listened to. Time and space to talk in confidence and reflect, with a trained counsellor, may help clients to gain insight and self awareness and gain a better understanding of why they are feeling the way they are. This will help them to live their lives more fully.

Counselling does not claim to make people constantly “happy”.
There will always be ups and downs. Counselling aims to make the “downs” manageable.

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